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Manufacturer link: Kestrel
MSRP $ 9,000 Our price: $ 7,999, with FREE USA-48 State Shipping, or with in-store pick-up, a free $200 full-service bike fitting! What makes a bike a 13.7 Pound Legend? An ultra-light frame - the lightest Kestrel has ever produced - built with uncompromising stiffness tempered with just the right amount of compliance. The result is an unbelievably fast, aggressive, yet smooth ride. Kestrel's Super light carbon layup gives the right blend of stiffness and compliance. The tapered head tube increases lateral stiffness in the front end for better steering precision. The BB30 bottom bracket makes for a stiff and efficient pedaling platform. Aerodynamic shaped stays, seat post, and seat tube, plus internal cable routing, let the wind slip over the bike.

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